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Bloody Moon Films consists of Ben Dixon and wife Stacey Dixon. It was founded in 2003 with it's first Feature film Skarecrow A Curse Never Dies. aka Dark Harvest 3 Skarecrow was bought and distributed by Lion's Gate Films in 2006. Their Second Feature Film Wolfsbayne went through a long metamorphis, filmed in 2004 will be released in 2008 under the new title ACONITE. Their third Feature Film SHUDDER was filmed in 19 days in 2006, and will also be released in 2008. ANNOUNCING Both films ACONITE, & SHUDDER are available for purchase on this site or if you like go to AMAZON.COM. 

Bloody Moon Films has also entered the video realm in 2007 and completed it's first two music videos. Along with combined efforts and skills of Chris Rucker, and Mark Harrington. The company has competed in the Nashville 48 hour Film Festival for the past 4 years and has won Best Special Makeup Effects for 3 of those years.

OLD HABITS DIE HARD starring Kane Hodder (Jason- Friday the 13th pt. 7-X) and Stacey Dixon, also starring Jim O'Rear, Tricia Cast, and Roger Hewlett.
Music Video for artist REAGAN RICHARDS "Freedom to Be"
Documentary Billy Stanley's Hound Dogs "A Ride to Remember"

THE TOTEM - Bloody Moon Films new Feature Film. The Totem based on the best selling novel by David Morrell. Morrell is the author of First Blood and Rambo and has written over 30 books including the 1979 Horror Thriller, The Totem which Stephen King called "A Knockout". Bloody Moon Films has now optioned the rights to the book and is currently in development. 

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